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Captivating graphic design to distinguish your brand

A picture paints a thousand words. What messages are your design elements telling your customers?

Every design choice you make has consequences for your business. Your logo and the imagery on your website will leave a lasting first impression on visitors.

The design, look and feel of your marketing material should be a true reflection of your organization’s core values, creating an emotional response from your audience.

At True Boost Digital, we’ll discover precisely what makes your brand shine – before creating concepts and delivering amazing visual content to make your business stand out. 

Looking for outstanding graphic design? Look no further.

Why is graphic design important?

Perhaps your business is just starting out on its journey, or you’re considering a total overhaul and planning to rebrand. Irrespective of the size of your business, thoughtful graphic design is important.

Your logo is your face to the world. It will appear on your website and in print for years to come. It is therefore imperative to take the time to research and refine your ideas, in order to produce artwork which is an honest reflection of your business and resonates positively with your audience.

The images you select need to be carefully chosen, too. These help to communicate the ethos and values of your business. For example, there is a reason you don’t (usually) see cartoon depictions of legal professionals. It doesn’t reflect the image those in the profession wish to project.

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How does graphic design fit in with the rest of your business?

Graphic design can be used in blog content to further enhance your business’s authority in your niche. Including slick infographics aligned to your brand image can help to promote the message of an article. Other graphics can be used to boost the message of your content.

These images can also offer other benefits – they can be used in social media posts and are a great way to expand your reach if used by other websites. 

Whether your business is in its infancy, or looking to make its mark with a one-off project – stunning graphic design is another way to build the reputation of your company. 

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Through a combination of SEO strategy and amazing blog content, Highland Canine increased organic page views by 3x and doubled their trainer school applications, year-over-year.

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Our Graphic Design Process

Whether your project is big or small – from complete rebrands to one-off projects – we’d love to work with you to create something truly amazing. 

As with everything we do at True Boost Digital, our processes weave strategy with creativity to get the most out of every project we undertake.

You’ll be involved every step of the way – from our initial discussions, through the concept phase, to the final production.

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Step 1: Discussion

We’ll take the time to find out a little more about the size, scope and aims of the project, and how it fits in with your existing brand imagery. We’ll also bring our own ideas to the table based on our experiences.

Our discussion will form the basis of the project, allowing us to get a true sense of what your business wants to achieve.

Step 2: Research

The discussion phase informs us of the end goal; the research phase helps us to get there. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your industry and understand what has been successful in the past.

We’ll combine everything – our discussions and our research, and sprinkle in our creativity – to start producing concepts for you to review.

Step 3: Concept

This is where the ideas start to come to life. We’ll produce a variety of visual concepts and sketches for you to review, using your feedback to help refine and improve them.

Once we agree on a concept, we’ll get to work on producing the finished piece.

Step 4: Production

Using the concepts as a basis, we’ll create unique visual content – lifting the authority and reputation of your business and distinguishing you from your competition.

We’ll keep you informed at every turn and check you’re totally satisfied with the finished article before sign-off.

Step 5: Promotion​

If you need assistance or advice in getting the most out of the design work we do for you, we’re only ever a call, text or email away.

Promotion is just as important as production – and we’ll be happy to help.

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Do you need an artist for a graphic design project? We’d love to hear what you have in mind!