Proven digital marketing strategies to help your business grow.

"Digital marketing should always be an asset. If it’s not making you more money than you’re spending, then it’s not digital marketing."

At True Boost Digital, we provide our clients with innovative and effective digital marketing solutions, including: Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation and Graphic Design. We service companies around the globe and help them reach their business goals using world-class digital marketing strategies.

We believe that digital marketing shouldn’t just result in more website page views – but that it should also:

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an experience unlike what they will find anywhere else. We are a hands-on digital marketing company who understands that every company’s needs are different. No matter where your business is located or which industry it operates in, we will listen closely to your goals, strategize the best possible way to reach them, and will keep you involved through the entire process.

Experience digital marketing like never before. Give your company the boost it needs to succeed.

Website Design

Crisp, professional web design to reflect the quality of your brand

Search Engine Optimization

Attract visitors from search engines with our proven, tailored SEO strategies

Content Marketing & Creation

Astonish and inform with high-quality, stunning blog content

Graphic Design

Amaze your audience with one-of-a-kind visuals and marketing materials

Our objective is to cultivate long-term working relationships with our clients while helping them reach their growth and business development goals. True Boost Digital is not your standard cookie cutter marketing agency. No two businesses are exactly alike, so we will never implement a one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing.

Combining our backgrounds in digital marketing, advertising, public relations, data analysis and strategy, design and visual production, True Boost offers one of the most comprehensive programs that you can find in the industry.

Our strategies are proven, data driven and offered to our clients with full transparency. When analytics and science are combined with engaging, strategically crafted content and stunning visuals, your business can experience growth like never before.

By only working with a select number of clients at any one time, our focus is different from other agencies. We believe that every business deserves to experience digital marketing that is specific to their unique goals, while having access to real humans and consistency along the way.

True Boost develops partnerships with its clients, not production lines. If you choose to work with us, you will find that your company begins to harvest organic, sustainable and consistent growth.

Why choose digital marketing?

Unlike digital advertising platforms – which require organizations to spend money consistently in exchange for clicks or page views – quality digital marketing results in organic growth and sustainable brand authority. 

The problem with relying on advertising platforms for growth or sales is that your business becomes invisible again once the ad expires. In a competitive niche, you can sometimes pay extortionate amounts of $50 or more per click. Once a user has clicked on your ad, there is no guarantee that they will remain on your site for any length of time, meaning that you could literally be spending thousands of dollars per month on directing users to a website that they are leaving just seconds after arriving.

How do you know if your site has been optimized for viewing experience? How can you tell if people are leaving quickly because it takes too long to load? What if it’s simply not engaging enough to keep a potential customer’s interest?

By focusing your primary growth strategy on marketing opposed to advertising, you can ensure that your listing is not simply the top result on Google because it has the word “Ad” next to it, but because it’s genuinely the best.

Once potential customers click on your site, which is ranking organically, they will encounter a viewing experience like never before. They will be engaged, find exactly what they are looking for and feel comfortable enough to inquire – which offers you the ability to pitch your product or service and boost sales. If they are happy with their experience, they will recommend you to their friends and family. 

Once this process has started, your organization will rapidly reach new heights – something that is nearly impossible to do utilizing advertising alone.

Questions about digital marketing? Want to see how we can help your business grow?

SEO strategies to help your website - and business - grow

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases the potential for your website to appear organically to users of Google and other search engines.

A successful SEO strategy requires well-written and relevant content. Combined with technical expertise and a deep understanding of search intent, your website becomes a valuable asset. As it transforms into a trusted source of information, your site gains domain authority and rises in search rankings for relevant terms. 

Our SEO strategies are data-driven and reliable. They are designed to achieve not just an increase in organic traffic, but an increase in high-quality visitors who are interested in purchasing your product or service. We use a number of tools to assess search intent and optimize your website accordingly.

With regular algorithm changes and ranking factors within search engines, we can help your website stay one step ahead of your competitors.

What do our SEO services include?

Our SEO strategies are individually tailored for each business we work with. We’ll cover every angle to turn your website into a finely-tuned machine:

  • Keyword research. Proven strategies to ensure your website contains precisely the right terms and phrases to help you reach your business goals

  • Structural analysis. We’ll make sure your website provides a great user experience, reviewing important aspects such as crawlability and page speed

  • Competitor analysis. Wondering how your competitors are performing? We’ll explain their strategies – and show you how we’ll leapfrog them

  • Monthly reporting. Our transparent approach means you’ll always have access to valuable data to help you measure ROI

We’re proud to work with Highland Canine Training, LLC – one of the largest dog training organizations in the United States.

Through a combination of SEO strategy and amazing blog content, Highland Canine increased organic page views by 3x and doubled their trainer school applications, year-on-year.

highland canine training logo

Build your brand authority with amazing creative content

Whether it’s an opinion piece, a ‘how to’ guide or simply answering your customer’s most frequent questions – great website content helps to establish your business as a thought leader.

Engaging content doesn’t happen overnight. It needs to be true to the values of your organization, and it needs to provide information which is useful to your website visitors. As your base of content grows, your audience will come to acknowledge – even subconsciously – your website as a trustworthy and reliable source of information.

We thoroughly research your niche and carry out comprehensive audience research before we write a single word. We’ll create stunning written and visual content which will not only complement an effective SEO strategy, but have the potential to be widely shared on social media platforms.

We can help you unlock the potential of your target audiences – guiding them to the point where they’ll always come to you first.

Content with a difference

Whether it’s blog content or website copywriting, we’ll capture the tone and message of your business. 

  • Blog articles. We’ll write informational articles and opinion pieces to inform, educate and entertain your audience

  • Website copywriting. Combined with our SEO expertise, we’ll elevate the written content across your site to engage and convert your visitors

  • Marketing material. From flyers to brochures – and everything in between – we’ll work with you to create compelling marketing pieces

  • Social media. We’ll help create successful strategies to get the most out of your content on Facebook, Twitter and beyond

Connect with us for tips, advice and discussion to help grow your business!

Stunning graphic design to leave a lasting impression

If a picture paints a thousand words, then the imagery on your website is the perfect opportunity to reflect the values and messaging of your business.

Great graphic design should accurately depict your organization, eliciting a positive emotional response from those who come into contact with your brand. From your logo to the choice of photos and other images on your website, every aspect of design has a part to play.

At True Boost, we’ll work with you to understand the size, scope and aims of the design work – combining strategy with creativity to deliver unique visuals which will amaze your website visitors. From logo designs to stylish infographics, we produce imagery which reflects positively on your business.

We can work with you for one-off projects or on an ongoing basis to ensure your audience is truly captivated.

true boost digital graphic design

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Why Choose True Boost Digital?

Many of our clients have come to us after suffering disappointment from other agencies. Most of the time, this frustration is caused by “Digital marketing” agencies implementing unethical black hat SEO tactics (which have resulted in significant penalties on primary search engines), mass producing poor quality content that is duplicated on multiple websites, being unreachable, being dishonest about progress or simply not doing anything at all.

It is discouraging when you are paying money each month for a service expecting specific results and those results are not delivered. It’s even worse when your website ends up worse off because of it.

At True Boost, we recognize many of the concerns that individuals and organizations have about digital marketing agencies. We base our practice around honesty and integrity, combined with everything we know about developing a successful company through formal education and extensive experience.

So, what makes us different?

stasia dempster true boost digital


Director of Creative Media

tom dempster true boost digital


Operations Director & SEO Specialist

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