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What will your free audit report include?

We will undertake a review of all aspects of your digital output, focusing on your website and social media channels. We’ll tell you what’s working for you – and which areas will benefit from improvement.

The audit report will include feedback on:

  • SEO Performance

Assessing how your website is performing from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective – and how it fares against your competition

  • Basic Architecture

Reviewing your website fundamentals to ensure there are no setup issues preventing it from achieving maximum performance

  • Website Content

Looking at the copy across your website – including blog content – and making suggestions for improvement

  • Appearance & Design

Analyzing the look and feel of your digital content, ensuring there are no design flaws and it is reflective of your brand

  • Social Media Integration

Evaluating your social media output to assess how you can get the most out of these platforms

This report is a slimmed-down version of the strategy document we produce when working with our clients at True Boost. It acts as a roadmap for the changes we make to position our clients as leaders in their industries.

How long will it take for your report to arrive?

We want to make sure to provide you with the best feedback possible. 

We’ll reach out within 24 hours to get a feel for your website goals so we can tailor the report accordingly.

Your completed report will take approximately one week to arrive.

Is there any obligation for you to use True Boost Digital's services after this free audit report?

There isn’t! We’ll provide some action points in the report and the video which you (or your team) can work on. 

If you feel that there is more you would like to accomplish after receiving your report, we will always be here to help!

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